Form. Function. FASSBENDER.

FASSBENDER is the eponym of elegance and strength. She is a woman on the move, effortlessly balancing family, friends and work. She is vivacious, smart and chic, always with a sense of sophisticated hanseatic understatement. And she cares. She cares deeply about the people around her and the environment she inhabits.

FASSBENDER is a Hamburg-based design label that brings together the elegance of sophisticated tailoring and the functionality of high-performance outdoor clothing. A Fassbender garment is a companion that makes it through the rainy morning walk and shines at the chic cocktail dinner in the evening.

Founded in 2017 by fashion industry veteran Christina Fassbender with her brother Sebastian Steinhoff, and shaped by New York-based fashion designer Matthias Louwen who has worked with fashion houses like Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang. FASSBENDER is a friends and family fashion house with a strong commitment to aesthetics, quality and sustainability. Every single piece is worn and tested by Christina and her friends personally before going into production. The entire collection is made in Europe, and Fassbender’s materials are sourced from workshops with high ethical standards. Natural fibers like the alpaca and the lambs wool for the signature shearling are sourced from animal-friendly farms, the synthetics are 100% recycled. 

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