"Tennis" Shirt Dress Angel | Blush with stripe
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Elongated Shirt with wide short sleeves and button placket. 
Can be worn as shirt or as short dress. 
This garment was made with love and dedication in a manufactory in Portugal that meets the highest quality and sustainability standards. Fairness, safety and the well-being of the employees take center stage. Every stitch expresses commitment and solidarity, and every garment tells a story full of love and craftsmanship.

100% Organic cotton 

When comparing organic cotton cultivation to conventional methods, it's evident that organic cotton requires 23% less water and produces significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions—only 1.2 kg compared to 3.7 kg. Moreover, the exclusive use of natural pesticides, fertilizers, and defoliants helps maintain soil health and protects workers in the fields from exposure to harmful chemicals.

slim fit

true to size

Dry clean only

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